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Bouncey the IDF Bear says “Could you spare me some change?”
On 11th April 2003 an Israeli soldier shot British photographer Tom Hurndall in the head as he tried to shield Palestinian children in occupied Rafah. Tom was airlifted to the UK where he remains in hospital in a persistent vegetative state. Tom Hurndall is 22 years old, he is not expected to recover.

While refusing to accept any responsibility for the actions of its army the Israeli regime offered to make a 'goodwill' payment to Tom's family towards the cost of returning him to London, unfortunately this kind gesture turned sour when the cheque given to the family bounced.

This proves that just $4 billion a year in US aid can only go so far, which is why we're asking you to please give whatever you can to help Israel pay more families like the Hurndalls.

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