It's all too rare that the most powerful men get to speak their minds openly, we've given them that freedom.

Beating crime, beating criminals.
At the 2003 Labour Party conference David 'Endlösung' Blunkett announced a record rise in police recruitment, yet somehow he forgot to thank us!

Pre-emptive war revisited.

Israel needs money to pay off the families of its victims, please give generously.
The time to act is now. The longer we hesitate from taking radical action, the more time They have to undermine our freedom. Racism, sexism, homophobia, and our general lack of harmony does Their job for them. We are so caught up in arguments about abortion, gun rights and political correctness, pointing fingers and yelling at each other, that we are missing the Big Picture. The Gap must be defied. We must, like Ricky Powell, wear clashing components, and one step further, we must be clashing components. Because once they tell us how to dress, they will tell us how to think, how to have sex, what to read, what to watch, what music to listen to, and what to think. And don't wait for the government to throw a pair of Gap pants in your face and say: "Wear these, sucker!", because by then it'll be too late.

So remember, time is of the essence. We must all unite now to destroy The Gap.

: 'The Great Gap Conspiracy', Hugh Gallagher, Grand Royal #1