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“Q: Do you think your irony could be helpful in changing the government?
A: I think the government is very often in an ironic relation to itself. And
that's helpful. For example: we're spending a great deal of money for this
army we have, a very large army, beautifully equipped. We're spending
something on the order of twenty billions a year on it. Now, the whole point
of an army is -- what's the word? -- deterrence. And the nut of deterrence is
credibility. So what does the government do? It goes and sells off its surplus
uniforms. And the kids start wearing them, uniforms or parts of uniforms,
because they're cheap and have some sort of style. And immediately you get
this vast clown army in the streets parodying the real army. And they mix
periods, you know, you get parody British grenadiers and parody World War I
types and parody Sierra Maestra types. So you have all these kids walking
around wearing these filthy uniforms with wound stripes, hash marks, Silver
Stars, but also ostrich feathers, Day-Glo vests, amulets containing powdered
rhinoceros horn ... You have this splendid clown army in the streets standing
over against the real one. And of course the clown army constitutes a very
serious attack on all the ideas which support the real army including the
basic notion of having an army at all. The government has opened itself to all
this, this undermining of its own credibility, just because it wants to make a
few dollars peddling old uniforms....”

read: No One Belongs Here More Than You (Miranda July); Scream Queen (Ho Che Anderson); Darkmans (Nicola Barker)
heard: Bio Illogical Weh Woh (Reverse Engineering); Lights (Archive); 05:22:09:12 Off (Front 242)
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