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it's all lies.

For Lynx people:
"Acceptable losses." image
"Bomb the poor." image
"Coalition of the willing." images
"Enemy of the States." image
"Free at the point of delivery."
"Freedom of speech is not for everyone." image
"Friendly fire." image
"Give blood. Vote Labour." (closeup) image
"Give blood. Vote Labour." image
"Legitimate target." image
"Liberation." (black) image
"Liberation." (red) image
"No guts no glory." image
"One man, one vote." (Jay Garner) image
"Patriot missile." image
"Regime change starts at home." image
"Rogue States." image view map
"Slave Labour" image
"Supporting terror." (graphic) image
"Supporting terror." (photo) image
"Terror networks." image
"Terrorist infrastructure." image